The First National Marine Art Conference



Artists work largely in our own realm of inspiration and creativity, so gathering with other artists to break the isolation is especially important. This past week the American Society of Marine Artists hosted our first National Marine Art Conference in Williamsburg, Virginia, and it was definitely a great way to “refill the cup”.


I’m honored to be a Fellow in A.S.M.A., a distinguished level of membership that demands excellence and allows (and expects) me to contribute to the Society in whatever ways I can. At this conference, I was a panelist for a discussion titled “Marine Art in America”, brilliantly moderated by Fine Art Connoisseur Editor Peter Trippi. Fellow panelists sculptor Kent Ullberg, painter Len Tantillo, painter Ian Marshall and I had a wide-ranging discussion about the state of marine art today and where it is headed for the future. For another presentation, my dad Peter Egeli and I presented our family biography along with some story telling from three generations of life in both art and maritime interests, including boatbuilding.


There were many excellent demonstrations and interesting (even hilarious) talks from the likes of John Stobart, Kent Ullberg, C.W. Mundy and more, as well as gratifying camaraderie with other members of A.S.M.A. I saw old friends and made new ones, and left Williamsburg full of renewed energy, fresh ideas, and a reminder to always reach for the highest level of creativity and excellence in all I do.

If you’d like more information about the American Society of Marine Artists, including details of our conference and the 17th National Exhibition, please visit our website.


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