Finding Lunch

Part of a continuing fascination with painting the surf en plein air, this time capturing a passing egret fishing along the shore.

Oil, 6 by 8 inches © Lisa Egeli


Counter Balance


Counter Balance, oil on linen on board, 20 by 12 inches  © Lisa Egeli

Many lovely mornings spent painting in Florida’s Everglades while egrets and herons and fish and gators all go about their lives inspired this paused look at a Snowy Egret in a fragile world.

This has been juried into the Society of Animal Artists’ 56th Annual Exhibition in Houston, Texas in September, 2016.


Winter Swans


Tundra swans visit Chesapeake Bay every winter, bringing a snowy glow to winter’s greyness. I see this group during my morning run and love hearing their gentle whistling.

Oil, 24 by 36 inches.  © Lisa Egeli

Painting is not for sale, but prints of this painting are available here.






On Deep Cove Creek, in the Fall, there is a stretch of mornings during which the rising sun spotlights across Chesapeake Bay and straight up the creek towards the headwaters, creating a lovely glow.

Oil, 15 by 30 inches, Sold  © Lisa Egeli


Prints of this painting are available here.


Caribbean Highlight

Carribbean Highlight.oil.18x24.smallcopy

This painting has been in my mind for a long time, inspired by visits to Bonaire and Anegada, BVI, where vibrant salt ponds welcome flamingos and other birds.

Oil, 18 by 24 inches, $5,800. © Lisa Egeli

Prints available in multiple sizes up to 18×24″.


Edge of the Great Blue, Better Together

lisaegeli-gibsonegrets-oil-24x18webcopy lisaegeli-gibsonheron-oil-24x18webcopy

“Edge of the Great Blue” (Great Blue Heron) and “Better Together” (Snowy Egrets), painted on commission for the newly rebuilt Gibson Island clubhouse.
Oil, 24 by 18 inches each.  © Lisa Egeli

On Salty Fields



The marshes of Assateague Island have inspired me for many years. I love the slow movement of a calm morning, with the ponies working their way through the grasses, wading birds poking along the shoreline, and the tide shifting ever so slowly.

A limited edition giclee print of this painting was created in 2015 and is available, signed and numbered by the artist, in an edition of 200 for $225. Image size 12 by 16 inches, on fine art archival paper.

This painting was part of the 53rd Annual Exhibition of the Society of Animal Artists.

Oil on linen, 18 by 24 inches. Sold. © Lisa Egeli


“Counter Balance”

Counter Balance


Many lovely mornings spent painting in the Everglades while egrets and herons and fish and gators all go about their lives inspired this paused look at a Snowy Egret in a fragile world.

Oil on linen on birch, 20 by 12 inches, $5,000.

© Lisa Egeli 2013

“Black-faced Vervet Monkeys”

These monkeys were frequent visitors to my lodge
in Samburu National Park in Kenya.

Oil on linen panel, 5 by 7 inches

“Rushegura Silverback”


A trek in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda to see the endangered mountain gorillas was rewarded with a one hour visit at close range.

The Rushegura Group had about a dozen members, led by this impressive Silverback. Watching these cousins of ours, in their native home, was one of the most moving experiences I’ve had. I was inspired to portray these gorillas as truly as I can.

Oil on linen panel, 10 by 8 inches, 2007

“Waiting Egret”

The past several winters I’ve been painting in south Florida, which has meant spending lots of time painting in the Everglades.

Close encounters with birds are a regular part of any time spent in the Everglades. I’ve been increasingly captivated by their grace and dynamic beauty, and feel increasingly compelled to capture and convey those things, especially as I recall the role of these birds in very elegant East Asian art.

Waiting Egret, 36 by 24″, oil on linen, 2006, Sold

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