For a number of years now I’ve been painting the dunes of Cape Cod National Seashore, including during a two week residency in the Margo Geld Dune Shack. This painting emerged from that experience, utilizing many plein air studies and a deep connection formed with this sublime landscape. $15,000.

Oil on linen, 30 by 60 inches, © Lisa Egeli

Prints of this painting are available here.


Evening Stage


Dramatic mammatus clouds over Deep Cove Creek on a surreal evening.


Oil on linen, 18 by 24 inches, $5,600.


Prints of this painting are available here.



Oil, 30 by 60 inches, © Lisa Egeli. $17,000. framed. Prints available in multiple sizes up to 30×60″.

Fishing boats awaiting the tide on a beach at the western end of Brittany, France, looking out towards the open sea. Exhibited in Oil Painters of America 25th Annual National Juried Exhibition in Dallas, Texas in 2016.


Prints of this painting are available here.








A calm pool just around the corner from the turbulent, tumbling rapids of Great Falls on the Potomac River. Based on a sketch done on location.

This painting is part of the 2016 American Society of Marine Artists North Juried Exhibition.

Minnesota Marine Art Museum, Winona, Minnesota
April 15-July 24

Oil, 30 by 40 inches, $9,000. © Lisa Egeli

Prints available in multiple sizes up to 30×40″.


Counter Balance


Counter Balance, oil on linen on board, 20 by 12 inches, $5,000. © Lisa Egeli

Many lovely mornings spent painting in Florida’s Everglades while egrets and herons and fish and gators all go about their lives inspired this paused look at a Snowy Egret in a fragile world.

This has been juried into the Society of Animal Artists’ 56th Annual Exhibition in Houston, Texas in September, 2016.





The wonder of a coming storm, the mystery of where it will pass, the peace of a beautiful evening on Deep Cove Creek. This creek is muse and refuge to me and many other creatures of nature.

Oil, 48 by 72 inches, $24,000. © Lisa Egeli

Un Chemin Par La Mer


The coast of Brittany, France is so deeply inspiring to me. Everything is shaped by the wind and the sea with a beautiful artistry.

This painting was in the Oil Painters of America, 23rd Annual National Juried Exhibition of Traditional Oils

Available through Chasen Galleries

“Un Chemin Par La Mer” © Lisa Egeli

Oil on linen, 18 by 36 inches, $8,000.


Samburu Before the Rains

Painted after a safari in Samburu National Park, Kenya.

Oil, 16 x 20″ $5,000. © Lisa Egeli


A heavy sky hung over the Patuxent River in Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary when I did a small study of this scene.  This was painted back in the studio working from that study. Awarded Second Place and Artist’s Choice at McBride Gallery’s “Best of the Chesapeake” show, 2011.

Oil on linen, 30 by 40 inches, $9,000.

Winter Swans


Tundra swans visit Chesapeake Bay every winter, bringing a snowy glow to winter’s greyness. I see this group during my morning run and love hearing their gentle whistling.

Oil, 24 by 36 inches.  © Lisa Egeli

Painting is not for sale, but prints of this painting are available here.



The Other End of the Telescope

The Other End of the Telescope.oil.20x20.smallcopy

A February 2016 trip to Cuba with fellow artists and Plein Air Magazine left an indelible mark. So much history, especially with the sea, as both friend and foe, escape route and tether to the world.

Oil, 20 by 20 inches, $5,600. © Lisa Egeli

Prints available in multiple sizes up to 20×20″.


LisaEgeli.Hourglass.oil.24x16.5600 copy

The history of Chesapeake Bay is written in Calvert Cliffs’  layers of soil and clay and fossils, dating back millions of years. Sediment suspended in choppy waters and a viewer suspended in time.

Oil, 24 by 16 inches, $5,600. © Lisa Egeli

Prints available here.