Great Falls

On an early Spring day, I met up with an artist friend and painted to beautiful and energetic Potomac River as seen from the Virginia side.

Oil, 8 by 12 inches, Sold © Lisa Egeli





On Deep Cove Creek, in the Fall, there is a stretch of mornings during which the rising sun spotlights across Chesapeake Bay and straight up the creek towards the headwaters, creating a lovely glow.

Oil, 15 by 30 inches, Sold  © Lisa Egeli


Prints of this painting are available here.


Realm of the Optimist


First Place, Best of the Chesapeake show, McBride Gallery, September 2015

A still, hot morning on the banks of Chesapeake Bay, at the northern end of Calvert Cliffs (the beach is locally known as Brownie’s Beach).

Oil, 18 by 24 inches, © Lisa Egeli, Sold.


Prints of this painting are available here.

Home Stretch

HomeStretch.oil.12x24 copy

Home Stretch, oil, 12 by 24 inches. © Lisa Egeli. Not for Sale

This recent commission was the perfect opportunity to paint a scene near and dear to my heart, full of subtlety and drama, calm and movement.





A calm summer morning on the shores of my childhood home on St. Mary’s River, Chesapeake Bay. While a sailor waits for the wind, a heron waits for breakfast.

Oil on linen, 26 by 20 inches, © Lisa Egeli. Sold

Photography of painting by Falcon Digital Studio


“Quintessentially August”


A warm August morning on the soft shorelines of a Chesapeake Bay marsh.

Oil, 16 by 20 inches. Sold © Lisa Egeli 2014

New Blanket


Trees laid bare by winter, and water and earth frozen and covered with fresh snow always stir something in me. It all seems so still, except for tundra swans in flight and buffleheads diving in the icy creek. This is a wonderful time to take a deep breathe of crisp, clean winter air.

© Lisa Egeli 2014

Oil on linen, 15 by 30 inches, Sold





The marshes of Assateague Island are rich with textures and shapes, smells and sounds, and every painting is an opportunity to try to capture its beauty and poetry. This was painted in my studio using many studies painted on location, and has been juried into the 54th Annual Exhibition of the Society of Animal Artists. The show will be at The Wildlife Experience in Parker, Colorado August 23-October 26

Oil on stretched linen, 16 by 20 inches, 2013, $5,500. Sold

On Salty Fields



The marshes of Assateague Island have inspired me for many years. I love the slow movement of a calm morning, with the ponies working their way through the grasses, wading birds poking along the shoreline, and the tide shifting ever so slowly.

A limited edition giclee print of this painting was created in 2015 and is available, signed and numbered by the artist, in an edition of 200 for $225. Image size 12 by 16 inches, on fine art archival paper.

This painting was part of the 53rd Annual Exhibition of the Society of Animal Artists.

Oil on linen, 18 by 24 inches. Sold. © Lisa Egeli


“Long Shadows”

A serene Fall evening on Deep Cove Creek, with the shadows of an intimate shoreline stretching to the opposite shore and dimming the glow of gulls resting in the shallows.  This painting will be shown at the Washington Society of Landscape Painters’ Centennial Exhibition at the Arts Club of Washington in April 2013.

Oil on linen, 14 by 24 inches, Sold


Evening Sigh

This painting of a favorite subject, Deep Cove Creek, was developed in the studio after many many evenings of inspiration. It was selected for the American Society of Marine Artist’s 15th National Exhibition, which visited eight museums across the U.S.  More information is here.

Oil on linen, 18 by 24 inches. Sold


Morning breaks over the Chesapeake Bay just after storms have rolled through. I’ve spent most of my life on or near the Bay and it always moves and inspires me.

Oil on linen, 30 by 60 inches, 2012, Sold

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