Glacier from the West

This was painted from the shores of Bowman Lake during a family trip to Glacier National Park. What an overwhelmingly grand landscape, so inspiring.

Oil, 9 by 12 inches, $900 framed  © Lisa Egeli



January Surf Study

One of a series of oil paintings made from life with my toes in the sand, trying to capture the sublime beauty of waves coming shore.

Oil, 6 by 8 inches, $650 framed © Lisa Egeli


January’s Light

Yet another lovely late afternoon painting on the beach. Time is limited while working en plein air (everything is constantly changing), but I love capturing the subtle shifts in light and color, and the energy and sparkle of the water. All while barefoot in the sand with birds flying around me.

Oil, 9 by 12 inches, © Lisa Egeli $1000. framed



Oil, 30 by 60 inches, © Lisa Egeli. $17,000. framed. Prints available in multiple sizes up to 30×60″.

Fishing boats awaiting the tide on a beach at the western end of Brittany, France, looking out towards the open sea. Exhibited in Oil Painters of America 25th Annual National Juried Exhibition in Dallas, Texas in 2016.


Prints of this painting are available here.







The wonder of a coming storm, the mystery of where it will pass, the peace of a beautiful evening on Deep Cove Creek. This creek is muse and refuge to me and many other creatures of nature.

Oil, 48 by 72 inches, $24,000. © Lisa Egeli

The Other End of the Telescope

The Other End of the Telescope.oil.20x20.smallcopy

A February 2016 trip to Cuba with fellow artists and Plein Air Magazine left an indelible mark. So much history, especially with the sea, as both friend and foe, escape route and tether to the world.

Oil, 20 by 20 inches, $5,600. © Lisa Egeli

Prints available in multiple sizes up to 20×20″.


LisaEgeli.Hourglass.oil.24x16.5600 copy

The history of Chesapeake Bay is written in Calvert Cliffs’  layers of soil and clay and fossils, dating back millions of years. Sediment suspended in choppy waters and a viewer suspended in time.

Oil, 24 by 16 inches, $5,600. © Lisa Egeli

Prints available here.





On Deep Cove Creek, in the Fall, there is a stretch of mornings during which the rising sun spotlights across Chesapeake Bay and straight up the creek towards the headwaters, creating a lovely glow.

Oil, 15 by 30 inches, Sold  © Lisa Egeli


Prints of this painting are available here.


El Torreón y las Olas

El Torreón y las Olas.oil.16x20smallcopy

The little Cuban fishing town of Cojimar has a small harbor protected by a 16th century fort that seems to hang over the incoming swells. This was inspired by a February 2016 trip to Cuba with Plein Air Magazine. I was struck by the challenges Cubans face, both historically and with the oncoming waves of change in an uncertain future.

Oil, 16 by 20 inches, $5,200. © Lisa Egeli

Prints available in multiple sizes up to 16×20″.


Caribbean Highlight

Carribbean Highlight.oil.18x24.smallcopy

This painting has been in my mind for a long time, inspired by visits to Bonaire and Anegada, BVI, where vibrant salt ponds welcome flamingos and other birds.

Oil, 18 by 24 inches, $5,800. © Lisa Egeli

Prints available in multiple sizes up to 18×24″.


El Castillo del Morro

LisaEgeli.ElCastillodelMorro copy

Painted on a windy, chilly day, looking across the channel from Old Havana. I traveled to Cuba with the Plein Air Magazine’s Paint Cuba Publisher’s Invitational in February 2016. We painted in the streets of Habana Vieja and in the seaside Hemingway hangout of Cojimar, as well as painting among plantation ruins and old marinas to the west of Havana. It’s a fascinating country rich with history and culture and incredible people, yet poor in many other ways. I plan to return to explore and paint more of it someday.

El Castillo del Morro, oil, 9 by 12 inches, $1,100. © Lisa Egeli


Changing Tide


First Place, Cape Ann Plein Air Festival, 2016.

Ray Hassard, Judge.

The rooftop deck of my host family’s home seemed to lift my vantage point into another realm, so I painted this during several peaceful (if chilly) mornings. Cormorants and other birds flew and fished, boats pulled against their moorings, and the light changed in a slow crescendo while I worked to capture the feeling of the moment. A changing tide in so many ways.

Oil, 12 by 24 inches, Sold.  © Lisa Egeli